Do you provide SEO services?

I often get asked if pirocmedia offers SEO services. Of course, we do. That is, I actually don’t believe much in SEO but in an organic approach. And I can provide actual samples with real results.

Here’s my typical response to those questions, using a recent example of a website for a downtown manhattan cocktail bar seeking to get better search engine rankings:

It is my belief that search engine optimization should simply be avoided. In the (paraphrased) words of Google: "Do not optimize your web site for search engines; optimize your content for visitors!"
The best way to get good rankings is to provide quality content that draws visitors. Because, once visitors are drawn, search engines will follow. Organic search results will follow the organic growth of a web site which will yield long-term success and “safe results”, i.e. your ranking are likely to stay the same or actually improve even when search engine algorithms change. By using shady techniques and optimization tools, web sites run the risk of being penalized or lose their ranking quickly.
SEO starts with a good web site.
That starts with proper, standards-compliant code and common sense: File names, page titles and directory structures should be self-explanatory and not misleading. Again, quality content is key!  If users find your site via search engines, they should be satisfied with the results (= your content). This requires most attention be paid to the choice of keywords and key phrases for your site. Any SEO strategy should be built around a very few keywords and phrases which are targeted specifically to your site’s content.
Personally, I try to choose key phrases that are very specific – and might not always be the most popular or instinctive – but yield fewer search results and disappointments.
Keywords/phrases must, of course, appear on most pages of your site and should be used for incoming links whenever possible (i.e. when other web sites link to yours, the link text should reflect those keywords/phrases. Example: “check out this downtown manhattan cocktail bar” is much better than “check out” Both link to the same site but the first actually spells out the crucial keywords/phrase in the text of the link).
Obviously, incoming links should be one of the top priorities. Another is to frequently update the content. Search engines crawl web sites continuously and new content should remain relevant and focused. Both of these tasks might be the responsibility of the site owner which is to say that SEO is an ongoing process that may involve more than the work of your web development firm in order to succeed.

For our part, we simply follow google’s recommendations and provide the service of developing the web site according to those recommendations. In a sense, our SEO services are free…

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